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New Perspectives HTML5 and CSS3, 7th Edition

New Perspectives HTML5 and CSS3, 7th Edition
  • Author : Patrick M. Carey
  • Year : 2017
  • Pages : 872
  • File size : 68.8 MB
  • File format : PDF
  • Category : Web Development, CSS

Book Description:

Now you can master Web page design as you learn from the unique, hands-on approach found in NEW PERSPECTIVES HTML5 AND CSS3: COMPREHENSIVE, 7E. Each tutorial in this complete book challenges you to put into practice the concepts you have just learned. Every tutorial includes a basic statement of the problem, the goals you should achieve, and a helpful demonstration of how to complete the task to create a fully functional website. You do not need any prior experience with HTML or CSS or any specialized software other than a basic editor and Web browser. With the book’s user-friendly approach, you develop important problem-solving skills as you retain the key concepts and apply what you’ve learned in a professional environment. Successfully completing this book’s tutorial cases and case problems acts a springboard in helping you develop your own professional portfolio to showcase your abilities in website design.

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