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Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers

Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers

  • Author : Tim Cox
  • Year : 2014
  • Pages : 402
  • File size : 9.9 MB
  • File format : PDF
  • Category : Programming, Python

Book Description:

Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers is a practical guide for getting the most out of this little computer. It will guide you through the many uses of the Raspberry Pi and allow you to showcase the best it has to offer. Discover what the Raspberry Pi has to offer using detailed Python 3 examples that you can adapt and extend; see where your creativity takes you!

Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers – begins by guiding you through setting up the Raspberry Pi, performing tasks using Python 3 and introduces the first steps to interface with electronics. As you work through each chapter you will build up your skills and knowledge and apply them as you progress throughout the book, delving further and further into the unique abilities and features of the Raspberry Pi.

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