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Xcode 7 Essentials, Second Edition

Xcode 7 Essentials, Second Edition

  • Author : Brett Ohland, Jayant Varma
  • Year : 2016
  • Pages : 256
  • File size : 7.16 MB
  • File format : PDF
  • Category : Programming, Xcode

Book Description:

Step up your iOS development with the power and wealth of features of Xcode 7 About This Book * Updated for the latest Xcode 7 release, this is the first book that will show you how to use all the new features available in Xcode 7 to their fullest * This guide to will get you up and running with the entire workflow to develop Apple apps without previous Xcode experience * Packed with plenty of tips on how to use Xcode with Swift 2 and other existing Apple frameworks to develop robust apps at a rapid pace Who This Book Is For If you are a novice programmer who is familiar with the concepts of object-oriented programming, but have little to no knowledge of Swift, Xcode, or Apple’s Cocoa APIs, then this book is for you. Starting with an introduction to the basics of Xcode and the Swift programming language, you will learn all of the skills that are essential to build an app and submit it to the App Store What You Will Learn * Get an introduction to Xcode and get to know how to navigate and use the tool * Build playgrounds to learn and explore the environment * Create an adaptive UI with the interface builder that will help your app to scale through a wide range of devices * Understand Table, Collection, and Stack views and find out how they can be implemented * Create custom components for your application through frameworks and live previews * Exploit Xcode’s advanced features to elevate your debugging and testing capabilities * Run your application on the physical device and submit it to the App store In Detail Apple’s Xcode technology is making the development curve smoother than it has ever been with its easy-to-develop features and enhancements. With the latest release of Xcode 7, Apple has also added great support for Swift development. This book will introduce you to all the new features of Xcode 7 and demonstrate how Swift programming can be much easier, faster, and simply better with Xcode! Even if you’re starting with just a little knowledge of Swift or Xcode, you will learn the basics of the language as well as the tool. You will then use this knowledge to create simple applications and will learn how to debug and optimize your code. At the end of this book, you would have learned enough to build, run and submit your very own application to the App Store. Style and approach This is a step-by-step guide, full of practical and real world examples, to help you get to grips with Xcode with ease. A demo project is also provided at the end of the book, where you can test your skills.

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