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DNS in Action

DNS in Action
  • Author : Alena Kabelov¿, Libor Dost¿lek
  • Year : 2006
  • Pages : 196
  • File size : 3.4 MB
  • File format : PDF
  • Category : Programming,

Book Description:

What This Book Covers

Chapter 1 begins to explain basic DNS principles. It introduces essential names, for example,domain and zone, explaining the difference between them. It describes the iteration principle by which the DNS translates names to IP addresses. It presents a configuration of a resolver both for UNIX and for Windows. The end of the chapter explains name server principles and describes various name server types.
Chapter 2 is fully focused on the most basic DNS procedure, the DNS query. Through this procedure, the DNS translates names to IP addresses. In the very beginning, however, this chapter describes in detail the Resource Record structure. At the end of this chapter, many practical examples of DNS exchanges are listed.
Chapter 3 deals with other DNS procedures (DNS Extensions), i.e., DNS Update, DNS Notify, incremental zone transfer, negative caching, IPv6 Extensions, IPsec, and TSIG.
Chapter 4 talks about the DNS implementation. It is derived from its historical evolution. From the historical point of view, the oldest DNS implementation that is still sometimes used is BIND version 4. This implementation is very simple so it is suitable to describe basic principles with it. Next, the new generations of BIND are discussed followed by the Windows 2000 implementation.
Chapter 5 discusses the tools for debugging DNS such as nslookup, dnswalk, and dig, how to control a name server using the rndc program, and the common errors that might occur while configuring DNS.
Chapter 6 deals with the creation of DNS domains (domain delegation) and with the procedure of domain registration.

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