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Introducing MySQL Shell

Use MySQL Shell, the first modern and advanced client for connecting to and interacting with MySQL. It supports SQL, Python, and JavaScript. That’s ri... Download free Introducing MySQL Shell eBook in PDF

Introducing Maven, 2nd Edition

Gain an understanding of Maven’s dependency management and use it to organize basic and multi-module Maven projects. This short book is your quick-star... Download free Introducing Maven, 2nd Edition eBook in PDF

Introducing Maven

Introducing Maven is your quick start-up primer guide on Maven. This fully packed mini-book includes the new features and enhancements found in the lates... Download free Introducing Maven eBook in PDF

Introducing Java EE 7

Introducing Java EE 7: A Look at What’s New guides you through the new features and enhancements in each of the technologies comprising the Java EE pla... Download free Introducing Java EE 7 eBook in PDF

Introducing Erlang

If you’re new to Erlang, its functional style can seem difficult, but with help from this hands-on introduction, you’ll scale the learning curve and ... Download free Introducing Erlang eBook in PDF

Introducing Elixir

Elixir is an excellent language if you want to learn about functional programming, and with this hands-on introduction, you’ll discover just ho... Download free Introducing Elixir eBook in PDF

Introducing Azure Kubernetes Service

Go from zero to sixty deploying and running a Kubernetes cluster on Microsoft Azure! This hands-on practical guide to Microsoft’s Azure Kubernetes Serv... Download free Introducing Azure Kubernetes Service eBook in PDF

Introducing Azure Bot Service

See how custom chatbots and Azure Bot Service can resolve common business problems. This book takes you through the many possibilities of bot development... Download free Introducing Azure Bot Service eBook in PDF

Introducing Autodesk Maya 2016

Start modeling right away with this hands-on guide to learning Autodesk Maya 2016 Introducing Autodesk Maya 2016 is the official guide to the most popula... Download free Introducing Autodesk Maya 2016 eBook in PDF

Introducing Algorithms in C

Study elementary and complex algorithms with clear examples and implementations in C. This book introduces data types (simple and structured) and algorit... Download free Introducing Algorithms in C eBook in PDF