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Make Your Own Scratch Games!

Learn to make interactive games with Scratch—the beginner-friendly, block-based programming language from the MIT Media Lab! Anna Anthropy, game design... Download free Make Your Own Scratch Games! eBook in PDF

Learn to Program with Scratch

Scratch is a fun, free, beginner-friendly programming environment where you connect blocks of code to build programs. While most famously used to introdu... Download free Learn to Program with Scratch eBook in PDF

Scratch by Example

This is a book about learning the Scratch language so that you can use it in teaching and other instructional situations. The book explains the visual na... Download free Scratch by Example eBook in PDF

Scratch 1.4: Beginner’s Guide

This is a Packt Beginners Guide, which means it focuses on practical examples and has a friendly approach, with the opportunity to learn by experiment an... Download free Scratch 1.4: Beginner’s Guide eBook in PDF

Scratch 2.0 Game Development

Playing video games is fun, however, it’s even more fun to make your own! Scratch 2.0 makes that challenge a lot easier. Instead of diving into abs... Download free Scratch 2.0 Game Development eBook in PDF

Scratch Cookbook

Scratch 2.0 is an easy to use programming language that allows you to animate stories and create interactive games. Scratch also gives you the capability... Download free Scratch Cookbook eBook in PDF

The Official ScratchJr Book

ScratchJr is a free, introductory computer programming language that runs on iPads and Android tablets. Inspired by Scratch, the wildly popular programmi... Download free The Official ScratchJr Book eBook in PDF