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Getting Started with SBT for Scala

Build tools are a boon to developers working on large projects. With the configuration to run/execute the project moved out, developers can focus more on... Download free Getting Started with SBT for Scala eBook in PDF

Web Scalability for Startup Engineers

Design and build scalable web applications quickly This is an invaluable roadmap for meeting the rapid demand to deliver scalable applications in a start... Download free Web Scalability for Startup Engineers eBook in PDF

Scala for the Impatient, 2nd Edition

Interest in the Scala programming language continues to grow for many reasons. Scala embraces the functional programming style without abandoning the obj... Download free Scala for the Impatient, 2nd Edition eBook in PDF

Practical Scala DSLs

Build domain specific languages (DSLs) using Java’s most popular functional programming language: Scala. This book introduces the basics of Scala a... Download free Practical Scala DSLs eBook in PDF

Scala for Java Developers

Master the fundamentals of Scala and understand its emphasis on functional programming that sets it apart from Java. This book will help you translate wh... Download free Scala for Java Developers eBook in PDF

Scalatra in Action

Scalatra in Actionintroduces the Scalatra framework and the Sinatra model. It covers the framework in its entirety, starting with concepts like request r... Download free Scalatra in Action eBook in PDF

Scala High Performance Programming

Key Features Get the first book to explore Scala performance techniques in depth! Real-world inspired use cases illustrate and support the techniques stu... Download free Scala High Performance Programming eBook in PDF