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Advanced Perl Programming, 2nd Edition

With a worldwide community of users and more than a million dedicated programmers, Perl has proven to be the most effective language for the latest trend... Download free Advanced Perl Programming, 2nd Edition eBook in PDF

Beginning Perl Programming

Get started with Perl 5 and learn the important core concepts of Perl programming, such as variables, flow control, expressions, and I/O. Additionally, t... Download free Beginning Perl Programming eBook in PDF

Learning Perl 6

If you’re ready to get started with Perl 6, this is the book you want, whether you’re a programmer, system administrator, or web hacker. Perl 6 is a ... Download free Learning Perl 6 eBook in PDF

Graphics Programming with Perl

A reference and introduction to graphics programming with Perl and Perl modules that includes simple graphics recipes and techniques for designing flexib... Download free Graphics Programming with Perl eBook in PDF

Catalyst 5.8: the Perl MVC Framework

Many web applications are implemented in a way that makes developing them difficult and repetitive. Catalyst is an open source Perl-based Model-View-Cont... Download free Catalyst 5.8: the Perl MVC Framework eBook in PDF