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Google App Inventor

The number of mobile apps has grown exponentially in the last two years. If you want to join the crowd, Google’s App Inventor is the easiest and be... Download free Google App Inventor eBook in PDF

Google Cloud Platform in Action

Google Cloud Platform in Action teaches you to build and launch applications that scale, leveraging the many services on GCP to move faster than ever. Y... Download free Google Cloud Platform in Action eBook in PDF

Building Research Tools with Google For Dummies

Google—a funny name for a fabulous tool. You’ve already used it to look up all sorts of information on the Web almost instantly. Now what if you coul... Download free Building Research Tools with Google For Dummies eBook in PDF

Google SketchUp 8 For Dummies

Go 3D with Google’s exciting architectural design software for Mac and Windows Whether you need to learn 3D modeling for business or you’re j... Download free Google SketchUp 8 For Dummies eBook in PDF

Google+ For Dummies

A new social network! Here’s your user’s guide to Google+ Google+ is Google’s new social network and from day one it has had the social... Download free Google+ For Dummies eBook in PDF

Designing and Developing for Google Glass

Creating apps for Google Glass is more involved than simply learning how to navigate its hardware, APIs, and SDK. You also need the right mindset. While ... Download free Designing and Developing for Google Glass eBook in PDF

Google Voice For Dummies

Save time and money with Google’s revolutionary new phone system Google Voice combines existing phone lines, e-mail, and Web access into one centra... Download free Google Voice For Dummies eBook in PDF

Creating Google Chrome Extensions

Transform your existing web applications into Google Chrome browser extensions and create brand new extensions that improve your own browsing experience... Download free Creating Google Chrome Extensions eBook in PDF

Learning Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script is a cloud-based scripting language based on JavaScript to customize and automate Google applications. Apps Script makes it easy to cr... Download free Learning Google Apps Script eBook in PDF

Google Power Search

Behind Google’s deceptively simple interface is immense power for both market and competitive research—if you know how to use it well. Sure, basi... Download free Google Power Search eBook in PDF

When Google Met WikiLeaks

“A fascinating conversation with one of the most far-sighted thinkers in technology. Assange is consistently ahead of the curve.” -Edward Sno... Download free When Google Met WikiLeaks eBook in PDF

Google AdWords

Do people really click the handful of text ads that accompany Google search results? Absolutely. Growth of Google AdWords continues to increase, as does ... Download free Google AdWords eBook in PDF