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Mastering Clojure

Clojure is a general-purpose language from the Lisp family with an emphasis on functional programming. It has some interesting concepts and features such... Download free Mastering Clojure eBook in PDF

Quick Clojure

Get up to speed with Clojure in this quick and practical primer. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of functional programming, data structures, sequen... Download free Quick Clojure eBook in PDF

Reactive with ClojureScript Recipes

Use ClojureScript to create powerful serverless Web applications that are responsive and engaging. This book presents Reactive recipes with Reagent, a C... Download free Reactive with ClojureScript Recipes eBook in PDF

Web Development with Clojure, 2nd Edition

Modern web applications deserve modern tools. Harness the JVM’s rich infrastructure while taking advantage of the expressive power and brisk perfor... Download free Web Development with Clojure, 2nd Edition eBook in PDF

Learning ClojureScript

Master the art of agile single page web application development with ClojureScript About This Book Set up interactive development workflows for the brows... Download free Learning ClojureScript eBook in PDF